twə:l 1. verb
(to (cause to) turn round (and round); to spin: She twirled her hair round her finger.) snurre, svinge, virvle
2. noun
(an act of twirling.) snurring, svinging, virvling
subst. \/twɜːl\/
1) snurring, virvling, virvel, piruett
2) tvinning, snoing
with a twirl of his moustache
mens han snodde barten sin
3) svinging (omkring)
4) (i skrift e.l.) snirkel, krummelur, krusedull
verb \/twɜːl\/
1) snurre (rundt), virvle rundt
2) snurre, sno, tvinne
Gareth twirls his moustaches
Gareth snor barten
3) svinge (med)
twirl one's thumbs tvinne tommeltotter
twirl round snurre rundt, vende seg om

English-Norwegian dictionary. 2013.

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